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 Empty Skyline

 Mike Boldt  (and a compilation of artists) 
 A Tribute to fallen fire fighters on 9/11



 Lords of the Zone

 Mike Boldt and Phil Gallo



 A Real World of Make Believe

 Mike Boldt and Phil Gallo



 Victory or Death

 Mike Boldt



 Welcome To The Big Time

 Mike Boldt and Phil Gallo



 Fear and Love
 Mike Boldt and Phil Gallo



 The Alamo
 A Musical Tribute to John Wayne's Epic Film 
 2004 Spyguise Entertainment
 Item # NB-202



 James Bond and Beyond

 Item # 0625
 2002 Spyguise Entertainment 


 At the Alamo
 Tony Pasqua, Mike Boldt and Bill Chermerka

 See 'What's New' for more info - To Order: Send $10.00 to:
 Tony Pasqua, 232 Academy Lane, Manahawkin, NJ 08050


Film Soundtracks

Coming Soon!


 Without Hate

 An Eric Zaccar screenplay soon to be released...
 Featuring a soundtrack by Mike Boldt




 At the Alamo

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 And to watch the Trailer!




 Mattie Fresno --
 and the Holoflux Universe

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 Martyrs of the Alamo

 1915 D.W. Griffith Classic
 [Composed complete new score] 
 2004 Delta Video available from Delta DVD's


 Dr. Horror's Erotic House of Idiots

 [Overture and end credits]
 2004 PS Productions DVD available from Paul Scrabo  Productions



 West New York

 [Soundtrack contributions and songs]
 2000 White Whale Films DVD available from MTI Home  Video




 Unsavory Characters

 'You're Only A Dream', written by Mike & Nancy Boldt
 Recording Artist: Doreen Molloy

 2001 - Directed by Richard Haines



 Alamo Classics

 [Produced by Frank Thompson]



 The Duke and the General

 Item # NB-34
 [Score for Documentary about John Wayne and James  Stewart]
 1998 Spyguise/ Cara Inc. VHS available from Spyguise  Entertainment 



  Casino Royale

 [Score for documentary about 1954 broadcast of Casino  Royale]
 1998 Spyguise/Cara Inc. VHS and DVD available from  Spyguise Entertainment 



 Spies, Sleuths and Private Eyes

 [Score for documentary about detectives of TV and  cinema]
 1997 Spyguise/Cara Inc. VHS available from Spyguise  Entertainment



 Audio Science Fiction Stories

 [Score by Mike Boldt / Artists: J.V. Smith and Jeff Swan]


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