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In 1984... Engineering for "USA"

Here we are... Circa 1984
Glen Stuart, Mike Boldt, Tony Pasqua & JJ Pesciotta


The Boldt Brothers
-- Phil and Mike --


The Matches
Phil, Dennis Pipitone, Mike


Brave with The Matches
November 14, 1964


The Matches with Bruce Morrow


Matches with DJ, Jack Spector
The WMCA Good Guys... at Palisade Park!

Original acetate dub from Stea Phillips Recording Studio:
"Gonna Build Myself A Castle", engineered by Gordon Clark


The Matches record on the Jaguar label


And in the local news...


The Merchants
[Danny, Mike and Phil]


The Merchants with Johnny Palo


Mike at 20th Century Fox Studios [circa 1980's]


Mike on Drums...


Mike performing with USA


Mike & Phil
"The Merchants"


The Merchants
at The Shore Casino


Phil, "Brave" and Mike


Give In To Love, by Bonnie Boyer - Released January, 1979
featured the single: "I Believe in You"
written by Mike, Phil and Nancy

Here's the demo single...


And here is the actual Columbia Records single release


And 'I Believe in You', recorded by Gentle Persuasion


Mike interviewing Buster Crabbe
for WFMU, at Rye, New York


Mike, Frank Vincent & Nancy
on the movie set "West New York" in 1995


Anthony Quinn holding Mike's portrait of him as
"Zorba the Greek".



More recently... Recording at "Alamo North"


Who said Birthdays aren't fun?
(They are when you get a new guitar!)


"Mike" by Zad




              The boys with their first toy Alamo               The boys with Dad in their "Coon Skin Caps"


And under the sun lamp...
Gotta love that eyewear!


Nancy & Mike
Early 1980's


Nancy & Mike
at the DH Lawrence cabin in
Taos, New Mexico in August 1991



                      "Caricatures"                                                        Promotional Material
                  Courtesy of Phillip Boldt Sr.


The Merchants play at the Frank Vincent & Joe Pesci Show!


Mary Lechich, Phillip "Brave" Boldt, Betty Boldt
Nancy & Mike


Nephew James, Mike & brother Phil


Phillip "Brave" Boldt Sr.


Good friend, Joe Rigo and the poster from the (1969) 8mm epic,

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Photo Gallery

Well, what can we say to you all...
but we want to send you a huge "Thank You"
for what arrived in the post today.
(See image below of a very happy young lady, Mike.)

Gill and I got great enjoyment out of Charlotte
reading out the notes on the CD sleeve.

As I am typing this, we have heard "Charlotte At Brackettville"
and "The Perch" about 6 times... but it really brings back some
very happy memories for us as a family considering what our
lives have been like since the 9th of June!!!!!!!

The track with Travis Headley speaking the "Victory or Death"
letter is spine chilling, Mike... but overall the whole CD is a masterpiece
and we hope it really does well for you and all involved.
As you can hear from the music - and listening to the lyrics,
this was a labour of love so well done... very well done indeed.

Sincerest to you all,
Mo, Gill & Charlotte


- Joan Headley and Mike Boldt -
Joan is known as the 'Queen of the Alamo'
and hostess of the best Alamo Party in Texas!


- John Farkis and Mike Boldt -
John and I worked on Lee Pfeiffer's John Wayne's The Alamo book


- Ned Huthmacher, Nancy Ellen, Joann Lovas and, Mike Harris -
Ned has been an Alamo friend for the last 30 years
and Mike Harris is working on an incredible Alamo Diorama


Mike Harris's Diorama


[left to right]
Bill Groneman, Mike Boldt, "John Wayne", Thomas Feely Jr.
and William R. Chemerka... holding books with Mike's artwork.


Nancy & Mike at the Alamo...
on their anniversary, August 1991


[left to right]
Tony Pasqua, Fess Parker, William R. Chermerka
and Mike Boldt... 1994


Mike is wearing Gary Cole's "Custer Uniform"
[courtesy of Murray Weissmann]
from the movie, "Son of the Morning Star".


A few members of "The Alamo Society"
August, 1999


Mike and Thomas Feely Jr.
in front of the "Crockett's Last Stand" Diorama


Mike & Phil at the Alamo
Early 1970's


The BMC Alamo Playset


Mike holding Travis' cat's-eye ring from the battle...
August 1994


Mike recording at "Crockett's Last Stand", 1995


Tony rehearsing at "Crockett's Last Stand", 1995


Performing at the Alamo


Tony, Mike, William and Thomas... 1995


Tony, actor Casey Biggs and Mike


Author Frank Thompson, Mike and Tony


"Figure of Mike Boldt"
in Thomas Feely's Diorama

The "Alamo Blues Band" performing at the Crockett Party


Mike is recording "Soldier" with Tony...
At Alamo South Studio




The Alamo Society members
attending the Davy Crockett Party,
held at the home of Heidi and Murray Wiessmann


Brian, Bill, Mike & Jerry

Opera singer, Brian Cheney, who will be making is debut at Carnegie Hall in March...
Author, Bill Chemerka, founder of the Alamo Society...
Mike (of course)... and
Singer, Jerry Hadley, Emmy award winner and 4 time Grammy winner...
he performed The Liverpool Oratorio with Paul McCartney!


Mike... Chillin' out...


Mike and Jerry jammin'...


The unused book cover from the novelization of 'The Alamo' - 2004 by Frank Thompson.
Frank used the name as a proposed 'pen name' for the book.
It is an amalgam of Mike Boldt and the writer of the 1960 Alamo novelization, Steve Frazee.


Mike wearing the Crockett vest worn by Billy Bob Thornton in 'The Alamo', 2004
Vest courtesy of Dr. Murray Weissmann


Mike in the Crockett vest and holding prop, 'Ten Commandments'.
Vest and Commandments courtesy of Dr. Murray Weissmann


A great painting by artist G.T. Johnson II depicting the Death of Davy Crockett
from the firm 'The Last Command'.
(That's Mike, over on the right side.)


Another wonderful painting by G.T. Johnson II of
Mike and Nancy on their wedding day.


The cover of the Sundown Productions book,
written by Lee Pfeiffer and Dave Worell.
Mike was a contributor - along with Tony Pasqua, Dr. Murray Weissmann,
Bob Bryden, Roger Nash, Mike Siegal and John Farkis.


Lee Pfeiffer, Mike Boldt and Dr. Murray Weissmann at Pete's Tavern in NYC,
celebrating the release of Lee's latest book, 'THE ALAMO'.


Janet Pfeiffer, Lee Pfeiffer, Mike Boldt, Nancy Boldt and
Dr. Murray Weissmann relaxing at Pete's Tavern in NYC.


At Gramercy Park, across from the world-famous Player's Club, NYC
Dr. Murray Weissmann, Dr. Heidi Weissmann, Lee Pfeiffer, Janet Pfeiffer,
Nancy Boldt and Mike Boldt.


The Alamo Blues Band performing at the 2007 Crockett Party in Pennsylvania.
Mike, Tony and Bill Chemerka


Mike performing with one of Canada's favorite recording artists, Bob Bryden.


Mike performing the title song from The Alamo with Dr. Murray Weissmann
on the recorder.


Dr. Murray Weissmann, Phil Milani and Mike Boldt... listen intently to author, Allen Barra
(Inventing Wyatt Earp, True West Magazine) as he speaks about the film, TOMBSTONE.


Mike on the guitar...

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