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   1.   Ballad of the Alamo   
   2.   Overture   
   3.   Deguello   
   4.  "I Am With My Friends" (featuring William R. Chemerka as Davy Crockett)    
   5.   The Green Leaves of Summer (Vocal by Mike Boldt)    
   6.   Here's to the Ladies    
   7.  "I Will Never Surrender or Retreat" featuring Tony Pasqua as Col. WB Travis  
   8.   Tennessee Babe    
   9.   The Green Leaves of Summer (instrumental)    
  10. "A Parting Kiss" (featuring Nancy Boldt as Susanna Dickinson)    
  11. Finale
  12. 7 original 1960 radio spot commercials for John Wayne's "The Alamo"


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Editorial Reviews for The Alamo

Album Description

The latest CD release from Spy Guise Entertainment, "The Alamo: A Musical Tribute to John Wayne's Epic Film" is a unique and outstanding achievment by musician Mike Boldt that serves as his eagerly-awaited follow-up to his first CD, "James Bond and Beyond".

Boldt pays tribute to John Wayne's classic 1960 film and composer Dimitri Tiomkin's legendary score. More than just "cover versions" of Tiomkin's music, Boldt brings innovative new excitement to these tracks and provides three outstanding original songs that feature readings of letters from the actual Alamo heroes.

Bonus items include: an informative 8 page collector's booklet with liner notes by Alamo experts Frank Thompson, William R. Chemerka and Lee Pfeiffer. The album also contains seven extremely rare original 1960 radio spot commercials for John Wayne's film.

Mike Boldt has paid tribute to the legendary heroes of the Alamo as well as another legendary and great American patriot, Duke Wayne.


Customer Reviews

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"The Alamo" Lives On
, August 29, 2004
Reviewer: Pastor Rodriquez / New Jersey    

Mike Boldt has created a wonderful tribute to the music of John Wayne's "The Alamo", Dimitri Tiomkin's score, and beyond the film, to the writings of people who were actually involved in the historic battle. Boldt creates new versions of the score, and of the songs of the film, adding his own nuances to the originals. It is incredible how he can imitate the style of the song "The Green Leaves Of Summer", keeping the 1960s flavor, but still modernizing it. Best of all is his take on Marty Robbins "Ballad Of The Alamo", which is especially effective. There are also reenactments of writings of people who were involved in the actual Alamo battle, put to music, the most affecting being Susanna Dickinson's "A Parting Kiss", nicely done by Nancy Boldt. Even those not as familiar with the film should enjoy this detailed, and loving, tribute to the 1960 film. There are no tracks to rival Boldt's takes on "The Persuaders" and "The Man From Uncle" from his previous SpyGuise CD "James Bond & Beyond", but those two were masterpieces. This is just GREAT!!! What will he tackle next?!?!

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To The Alamo, John Wayne and Dimitri Tiomkin With Love
, August 16, 2004
Reviewer: Bob Bryden / Burlington, Ontario, Canada

In my opinion, what elevates Mike Boldt's musical homage to John Wayne's film version of 'The Alamo' (1960) are his impassioned and sterling vocal renditions of the film's main songs. Particularly 'The Ballad of the Alamo' itself which is the best vocal interpretation of this particular song since Marty Robbins's original and makes the CD well worth the price of purchase. Boldt's own 'soundtracks' to spoken word passages attributed to the actual David Crockett, William B. Travis and Susanna Dickinson are also heartfelt and appropriate. This is clearly a labor of intense love and it's hard to fault it. The only criticism I might have is that some of the synth tones are a bit dated - but other than that, it's a sincere and timely (50th anniversary of Disney's Crockett) release. Being an absolute fanatic for the music of Dimitri Tiomkin myself - I welcome any variation on one of his themes. This CD contains 8 melodies composed by the maestro. One unquestionable bonus for collectors of Alamo flotsam is the inclusion of 7 actual radio ad spots for the film. They are such a hoot!!! 'Any man who shoulders a CD like this is worthy of respect'.

 Also Posted on:
   August 31, 2004 / [Bob Bryden]

I was feeling relatively alone in my nostalgic feelings for the 50th Anniversary of the
20th Century's reawakening to Crockett and Alamo lore via: December 13, 1954 - the broadcast of the first episode of Disney's Crockett trilogy. Then I realized: 2004 has already seen the following:

The release of John Lee Hancock's 'The Alamo'. (Sept. 28 is the DVD release and then the film can begin it's journey to it's proper acceptance -which I believe will surely happen.) Plus the year has yielded the acquisition (in my collection) of fully SIX ALAMO/CROCKETT RELATED CD'S:

1. Remember the Alamo - Asleep at the Wheel (I believe it was actually released in 1993)
2. The Alamo (soundtrack - Carter Burwell)- wonderfully moving score - and as underrated as the film - except recently in FSM by Cary Wong [thank-you].)
3. Davy Crockett (DRG releases - finally – the rather silly studio re-recording of the original '3 adventures of' released by Columbia in the 50's along with some Gene Autry tracks and 8 singles by Fess Parker. It's a very amusing CD.)
4. The Alamo - Silva's 4 CD set - Best of Tiomkin. (An absolutely marvelous collection of Tiomkin 'covers'.)

5. The Alamo - A Musical Tribute to John Wayne's Epic Film by Mike Boldt. (This one is a real affectionate treat - full-length compositions by Tiomkin given a 'contemporary' treatment are juxtaposed with touching voice-overs of original speeches by Crockett, Travis and Mrs. Dickinson. Contains the best version of 'The Ballad of the Alamo ' since Marty Robbins. It's available through Amazon or at Spyguise or Boldt's own website.)

6. Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier - Rider in the Sky. (Classic WESTERN group does deeply heartfelt rendtions of all the songs associated with the Disney series plus a couple of excellent originals.)
...and next week...in a rather small, token (but welcome) gesture Disney Video releases a DVD of the two Crockett theatrical cuts: Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (and) Davy Crockett and the River Pirates both on one DVD.
Anybody else out there celebrating??

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Boldt Rocks The 'Mo
, August 13, 2004
Reviewer: Nefarious Ned "Nef" / California     

Just received my copy of Mike Boldt's CD tribute to the John Wayne "ALAMO" film and it's a good'un!

The opening track- "Ballad Of The Alamo" - might sort of be retitled "Boldt Rocks The 'Mo!" It is a really electric, stirring version. Most of the selections on the disc, as a matter of fact, have that contemporary edge to them, making this tribute to Tiomkin's works perhaps a little more palatable to a modern listening audience. Nothwithstanding, the "Spirit" of Tiomkin's Alamo manages to ring through enough to satisfy even the older element of listeners. The vocal rendition of "Green Leaves Of Summer", on the other hand, certainly gives the Brothers Four a run for their money. It is beautifully harmonized.

The original tunes by Boldt, "I Am With My Friends", "I Will Never Surrender, Or Retreat" and "A Parting Kiss", blend well with the Tiomkin soundtrack to the extent that you feel as though you may have heard them before.The dialogue to each of the new pieces has been lifted from the genuine letters and memoirs of Crockett, Travis and Mrs. Dickinson, respectively. I was particularly moved on hearing Nancy Boldt's recitation of Susannah's reminisces of her last moments with her husband, Almaron, there in the Alamo church. (So much so, as a matter of fact, that it left me even more convinced that the latest Alamo film should have definately shown the entire Alamo aftermath, survivors and all.)

Again, while Mike Boldt's tribute to John Wayne's Alamo has a contemporary feel to it, the seven radio spot "trailers" for the film definately smack of 1960. There's just no way someone could get away with such hoaky dialogue, otherwise. Still, as collectibles, they are gems and certainly worth adding to your collection, along with Mike's revisiting of those thrilling days of yesteryear in music and in song. Ned A. Huthmacher

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A Fitting Tribute To John Wayne's Alamo
, August 6, 2004
Reviewer: Jack Reed / Portland, Oregon     

I really enjoyed Mike Boldt's Tribute to John Wayne's The Alamo. I have loved that soundtrack for years and did not think this would be up to the original, but was I wrong. When I heard the first song, a modern version of The Ballad of the Alamo, I knew right away that Boldt had captured the spirit of Tiomkin's Alamo. I really liked the use of voice overs on the original songs. Although the music tends to be a bit somber, the readings make them come alive. My favorite was Mrs.Dickensons reading. It's the first time this has ever been recorded to my knowledge. And Nancy Boldt, must be Mike Boldt's wife or relative, reads it perfectly. Other readings by Bill Chemerka, of the Alamo Society, as Crockett and Tony Pasqua, as Travis, fit in like a glove. All in all the CD is well worth getting for the music. But as an added bonus, they put in all the radio spots from Wayne's movie. I never heard these before. I highly recommend this Cd for anybody who is an Alamo fan.

    Posted on:

A Wonderful Tribute to "The Alamo"
, December 2, 2004
Reviewer: Doreen Rosado / New York metro area    

Coming across this CD through a friend was an unexpected surprise… I found the music overall to be quite riveting and emotionally moving. Mike Boldt does an incredible job capturing the spirit of an era that many of us (like me) are not as in touch with, as those who are “real Alamo aficionados”… But when I heard the sweeping music on some of these tracks it pulled me right in – I wanted to hear more. “I Am With My Friends” (track 4) was especially stirring, as were the arousing harmonies in “The Green Leaves of Summer” (track 5). I absolutely loved the “spoken word” that can be found scattered throughout several of the tracks; it adds an inspiring complement to the music of Mike Boldt since this format has the uncanny ability to bring a haunting period of our history to life. Nancy Boldt's narration of Susanna Dickenson in “A Parting Kiss” was exceptionally heartfelt! And last but not least, to add a bit of whimsy - the last track on this CD contains the original radio spots for John Wayne's The Alamo … another unexpected surprise that takes you right back to yesteryear! To those who love the Alamo: don't miss this CD… (And to everyone else) Mike Boldt's The Alamo is very impressive; treat yourself to some stirring music that will capture your attention with its timeless quality…

Reprinted from The Alamo Journal #166 by William R. Chemerka --


New Jersey's Mike Boldt's newest musical production is Victory or Death: Songs of the Alamo.   It will feature new compositions by Mike Boldt, William R. Chemerka, and Tony Pasqua, as well as artwork by G.T. Johnson and Mike Harris.

The CD is produced by Joan Headley and JoAnn Lovas, and will feature Travis Headley reading "Travis's Letter" on the title track.

Victory or Death: Songs of the Alamo also includes the song, "The Perch", which acknowledges the casual gatherings of Alamo Society members on the short wall on Alamo Plaza that faces the Alamo Church.  A new video of one of the CD's songs, "Charlotte at Brackettville", was put up on YouTube (see below).

A New Sound Track, by Mike Boldt!

The Story of The Alamo told in 'Toys and Popular Media'

Atomics new “At The Alamo” DVD is our latest release (and this one is over 1 hour long) follows several that have featured Alamo toys, this one is all new with a stunning siege sequence starring 600 toy soldiers all in motion using techniques developed for the recent “300 movie.

In this movie you’ll enjoy:

A reverent tour of the John Wayne Alamo and the Alamo Shrine;
Discussions on Davy Crockett at the Alamo playsets and TV show;
John Wayne Alamo movie & Hancock Alamo movie; 
Marx Davy Crockett Playsets of the 50’s & 60’s (Disney and “John Wayne” versions);
Disney TV Davy Fad of the ’50s;
Fess Parker interview and a nice clip with legendary Virginia Shahan;
Alamo dioramas including several famous and not-yet famous ones;
Topping it all off, there’s a special interview appearance by Frank Thompson.

In addition there’s some wonderful Alamo Dioramas, plus the Ideal Alamo playset of the ’50’s; glimpses of the BMC playset, CTS playset and some contemporary Alamo playsets and Alamo metal figures.

Dimitri Tiomkin’s music has been licensed and performed by Mike Boldt with a truly outstanding rendition of “The Ballad of the Alamo” and many more selections.

Bonus Chapters:

“Travis Letter” - performed by Tony Pasqua with music by Mike Boldt, a moving performance set against the Brackettville Alamo movie set;
And a rare, never before seen Alamo TV spot (with many surprises) (this is a parody done with toy soldiers);

The wide screen color presentation is over 1 hr $19.95 + $3.95 shipping

Filmed in Texas in “TODD - AOk”

This movie, produced with pride by Alamo enthusiasts at Atomic Home Video and Playset Magazine, is available now.


As always, our 100% “no questions asked” satisfaction guaranteed - Your Childhood or Your Money Back-

$19.95 + $3.95 s/h

$19.95 + $5.10 s/h

$19.95 + $7.55 s/h

Click Here for a preview of the movie!
Click the icon for FREE Quicktime Installation




For over a century, the Alamo has been celebrated in art , prose, film, theater and music.  Especially music...

Since the mid-19th century, tunesmiths, musicians and vocalists have created memorable compositions about the Shrine of Texas Liberty. However, few artists have performed songs about the Alamo in the Alamo.

During the last several years, several members of the Alamo Society have had the honor of performing original songs about the famous mission fortress inside the Alamo (due to the kindness of Lee White, and Tim and Betty Andersen).


On "At The Alamo", Mike Boldt (guitar and vocal), Bill Chemerka (bass and vocal), and Tony Pasqua (guitar, piano and vocal) perform the songs they played during ceremonies hosted by the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association.

"We Remember the Alamo" vocal/ Bill Chemerka

Written by Alamo Society founder Bill Chemerka, this song expresses concern about those who have forgotten the meaning of the famous 1836 seige and battle. "We Remember the Alamo" was performed by Chemerka and Tony Pasqua at the Alamo on March 1, 2003 during the ADDA ceremony.

"Memory of the Alamo" vocal/ Tony Pasqua

Written by Michael Boldt, Tony Pasqua and William Pasqua, this tune reinforces the idea that the Alamo can never be forgotten. " Memory of the Alamo" was performed by Michael Boldt and Tony Pasqua at the first Alamo Defenders Descendants Association (ADDA) ceremony on March 5, 1995. The song was performed again by Tony Pasqua and Bill Chemerka at the March 6, 2004 ADDA ceremony.

"I Am With My Friends" vocal/Tony Pasqua

Written by Michael J. Martin, this song reflects David Crockett's feeling about being in Texas in a letter he wrote to his daughter in January 1836. "I Am With My Friends" was originally performed by K.R. Woods and his band, accompanied by Chemerka and Pasqua at the Alamo on March 6, 2004 at the ADDA ceremony.

 Bonus Track:
"Soldier" / vocal: Mike Boldt

Written by Tony Pasqua and Mike Boldt. The men of the Alamo were not professional soldiers, but when it was time, they were willing to make a stand for what they believed in. " Soldier " pays tribute to those who crossed the line then,and those who continue to do so today.



There are four original Alamo tunes with a running time of 18:36...
The total running time was a complete and shocking coincidence!

A Brand New Book and CD!

By William Chemerka & Allen J. Wiener
Foreword by Fess Parker and Introduction by Phil Collins
CD music co-produced by Mike Boldt, William R. Chemerka & Allen J. Wiener

Music of the Alamo: From 19th Century Ballads to Big-Screen Soundtracks traces the musical history of the Alamo and offers the only complete discography and detailed title list of written or recorded songs about the Shrine of Texas Liberty. William Chemerka is the founder of The Alamo Society and has edited the organization's quarterly, The Alamo Journal, since 1986. He has appeared on The History Channel as an on-camera consultant in productions including The Real West: The Battle of the Alamo; Live from Austin: Davy Crockett; and Wild West Tech: The Alamo, among others. Texas Monthly calls Chemerka "the Google of Alamo Buffs." Allen J. Wiener is the author of The Beatles: The Ultimate Recording Guide.

* * *

Mike Boldt is listed in the chapter "THE 21St. CENTURY"

The enclosed CD features the track 'A PARTING KISS'
featuring narration by Nancy Boldt,
'MEMORY OF THE ALAMO' with Tony Pasqua and Bill Chemerka

Bill Chemerka and Mike Boldt

Author, Bill Chemerka with Phil Collins
[ Yes, that Phil Collins ]

* * * * *


The Monroe County Historical Society presents:


And here are two photos from the actual event during Custer Week:

A New Book by G. T. Johnson II


The Illustrated Siege and Battle of the Alamo
Written and Illustrated by G. T. Johnson II
Soft Cover: 8.5 x 11
Price:  $19.00 plus $5.00 shipping

[Forty-four pages]

Forty-one full color detailed paintings depicting all thirteen days of the siege and battle.
Of the forty-four pages, eighteen are detailed accounts of the battle itself.

G. T. Johnson II
2330 Farrell Circle
Gulfport, MS 39507


The Death of Davy Crockett

- Wait a Second -
Who is that guy with Crockett?



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