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 Early years ...

Mike Boldt was born in 1951, the second son of Philip and Elizabeth Boldt. His father, a musician at heart, began giving him and his brother Phil music lessons when they reached their 7th birthdays. Phil played accordion and Mike played the guitar.

Mike's very first memory he has was when he was about four years old... Watching Walt Disney's Davy Crockett at the Alamo would have a profound impact on him for the rest of his life.  




By 1964, Mike was in a musical group called The Matches, and recorded a fairly successful single, "Gonna Build Myself a Castle", for Kama Sutra Records.  During high school, he began to get very heavy into recording, playing all the instruments and singing all the parts with his brother, Phil. This experience would serve him well years later.

In the early 70's, he switched to drums, his first love... and formed a group called The Merchants. They played clubs in the New Jersey area full time... and later, they performed in Las Vegas and other venues as The Boldt Brothers.  Along with his wife, Nancy, Mike wrote a song entitled, "I Believe in You".  It was released by two different artists on Columbia and Capitol Records and had some chart activity.  


The Alamo...

The Alamo influence began when Mike met [his best friend] Tony Pasqua and through "The Alamo Lore and Myth Organization". Together, they worked up and down the New Jersey shore in the 1980's... with a band called USA. They also worked on numerous Alamo projects through the years, including singing inside the Alamo Shrine. But the best project was being his best man when Tony married his wife, Linda, at Alamo Village in Bracketteville, Texas. Mike and Tony are currently members of the Alamo Society.


The Here and Now...

As time marched on, Mike stopped working the night club circuit and concentrated on original music, film scores and his artwork. Some of the published pieces are featured on this website.  The year 2002 saw the release of his first music project with Spyguise Entertainment... a solo CD titled James Bond and Beyond. 

"Because of the success of our first release, Spyguise thought that my particular talents and my love of all things Alamo should be coupled." The result was our latest CD, "The Alamo, Music From John Wayne's Epic Film".


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Mike Boldt resides in
northern New Jersey with his beautiful wife Nancy.

He can be reached via email
and is available for private consultations regarding commissions in music
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